Shaping the Spirit

Through a Christ-centered education, Jordan Catholic School graduates students who know, love, and serve the Lord while growing spiritually throughout their lives.

2013-14 8th grade girls (2)

Shaping the Mind

Jordan Catholic School offers a challenging curriculum that emphasizes college preparation and life-long learning. Accredited by the North Central Association and recognized by both the State of Illinois and the Quad-Cities community, JCS continues to be an academically strong institution with a high quality educational program.

2013 January Shaping the Mind

Shaping the Future

Our mission and values correspond with the convictions of those parents who expect much more of their child’s education.

2013 January Shaping the Future

Shaping The Body

JCS cultivates strength of character and leadership. Children learn the value of building common objectives within moral framework

2013 January Shaping the Body