Pardus 2011.2 Linux at JCS!

Pardus 2011.2

New! Read the QCTimes article about our New Addition!

Pardus Linux is a true alternative PC operating system that is stable, secure, runs great on old and new hardware, and is completely free!

Intro to the Linux Operating System:

For those of you who are unaware as to what Linux is then this section is for you. Linux is a free and open source operating system that is primarily known for its use on servers and has become increasingly popular in recent years on desktop/laptop computers.

Linux is not a company or a brand name, rather it is a small part of what has become a much greater solution to computing that comprises work from many different organizations in an attempt to build a usable operating system that is fully customizable in every sense of the word.

With free Linux operating systems available to everyone organizations, businesses, and individuals are able to pick and choose what type of computing experience they prefer and are able to install and run their choice operating system on any number of computers at no cost.

These choices in operating systems are broken down into what is know as a ‘Linux Distribution’ and there are many

Distributions to choose from:

Ubuntu (Based on Debian)
gOS (Based on Ubuntu)
Linux Mint (Based on Ubuntu)

This is just a small list of several popular Linux Distributions but there are hundreds of them out there!

Pardus became our choice Linux operating system at Jordan Catholic School because it is a stable and modern operating system featuring up-to-date packages through it’s package manager PiSi and continues to deliver a clean and easy to use interface. For any of you who have tried other Linux Distributions like Ubuntu we urge you to give Pardus a try and promise a much better, more reliable computing experience.

Pardus is created by Turkish software developers and for whatever reason hasn’t made it’s name well known among the English speaking open source community but is fully translated to US English and functions very much the same as your computer operating system at home or at work.

Despite it’s lack of recognition Pardus is clearly a one-of-a-kind Distribution and makes Linux a truly usable alternative operating system.

For more information regarding Linux in the classroom please click here.